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Jan 29, 2019

This week we're talking to Kyle Smith about the importance of staying upwind of the truck you're dousing with gasoline


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Jan 21, 2019

In this episode we discuss our various levels of political engagement, guitar dads, and our sordid interpersonal history. It's very good at what it does.

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Jan 17, 2019

In anticipation of the New Orleans Abortion Fund's Roar into Roe fundraiser THIS WEEKEND, we're talking to Amy Irvin, founder & executive director of the Fund.

The fundraiser is this Saturday, Jan 19 at 8pm at AllWays Lounge.

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Jan 14, 2019

Cyrus Cooper (Dean's List, Sup First)  joins us in discussing death by waterslide, death by Kevorkian, and death by Menéndez.



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Jan 6, 2019

In which Corinne Green (former president of Louisiana Trans Advocates & policy coordinator for the Transgender Law Center) makes a very convincing and entertaining case that policy activism isn't nearly as esoteric as it seems. 

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